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Slow Internet? NBN not available? Get up to 40 Mbit/second for your network by connecting via a 4G (Mobile Phone network) connection.  Here are the details on how to get this organized, with many other major benefits

You can control who can surf what, when. Are you concerned that staff is wasting time surfing the web on issues not related to their work? Concerned about dangerous websites being surfed which could infect your network and cause all sorts of havoc? What about being disconnected from the Internet?  Here is how to prepare for such an event.

So you don’t enforce what webpages staff can surf. Do you know how much that costs you? Just 15 minutes average per day per employee can add up into the thousands of dollars per annum.  Download this spreadsheet and do the calculation yourself.  You’ll be amazed!

What every business owner MUST know to protect against online identity theft:  So you think a hacker is not interested in your personal or company data?  Think again.  Read this extensive report on how to protect yourself.

Biz2Biz IT – Office ‘Perpetual’ license or Office 365?  Which is better for me?  A brief explanation of the difference.

Biz2Biz IT – How to stop blackouts causing stress  The Stormy Season is in full swing.  Blackouts, power cuts stop your computers (and thus you and your staff) working and they damage your equipment.  You can inexpensively protect your computers (and your sanity).

How to Protect PDF Files by Encryption  Recently, one of my friends received his personal and company Tax Returns from his accountant by email, attached as a PDF.  Short of the Driver’s License, it contained just about everything one needs to open a Bank Account: Tax File Numbers, Dates of Birth, full name with correct spelling…   So, if you are sending sensitive data by email, think again.

Save thousands using multiple monitors  for our free report to learn how to manufacture time and print money!

Learn how to create complex passwords that you can easily remember Stop hackers and unauthorized people accessing your computer or open documents they have no business to see!

Internet Filtering – Do you have a solid Internet Usage Policy in place for your staff? Learn how to increase staff productivity.

Avoid being caught by a fake virus, security threats and computer errors by reading this new Biz2Biz IT article.

List of popular keyboard shortcuts – OK, so you know that Ctrl+B makes text go bold. Here are another 30 of the most popular ones!

How to recognize malware emails – You probably know the typical Nigerian scam.  But how can you check whether an email is real or a scam?


Biz2Biz IT – Acceptable Internet Use Policy Template

You may want to use this document as a template for your own organization.  Note: we are IT specialists, not lawyers! It is provided as a service only. Please consult your legal advisor to ensure it meets your company’s policy and enforcablity.

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