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12 Check Points
Does your current IT support stack up?

  • Do they respond to emergencies in 1 hour or less?
  • Is their phone answered by a real human being rather than by a machine?
  • Do they offer a direct phone number to connect you to a senior technician?
  • Do they have other competent technicians on staff who can effectively work on your network, in case your regular technician goes on holidays or gets sick?
  • Do they offer a monitoring system to watch over your network 24/7, so developing issues are detected before they become a real problem?
  • Do they offer any guarantees on their services?
  • Are they adamant not just about backing up some data, but having a Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Plan in place?
  • Do they offer an on-going, fixed fee support and maintenance program?
  • Do they have their procedures ’Step-by-Step’ documented so there is uniformity across their network installations and any competent technician can immediately be productive?
  • Do they have relief equipment on the floor, including a fully fledged server, just in case?
  • Do they offer to meet with you regularly to review your business plans, your network status, and their own performance?
  • Are they covered by Professional Indemnity and proper Public Liability Insurance?


Are your computer systems helping or hindering your business?

Are you happy with the level of responsiveness and support you have received from your IT support company or do they over-charge and under deliver?

If you crave the peace of mind that a reliable system, supported by a dependable and responsive local IT partner would bring, then you should make contact with Biz2Biz IT, the small business IT support specialists.

We specialize in supporting local businesses with a team of highly experienced certified local IT professionals. Biz2Biz IT offer instant direct access to a senior network technician every time you need help. We can even visit your premises within an hour’s notice if necessary but will usually solve your problems quickly over the phone or using our state-of-the-art remote analysis techniques.



About Us

Biz2Biz IT evolved from the amalgamation of two long established networking specialist firms, Computer Friends Pty Ltd. The owners, Hans Knop and Franz Huber, are hands-on involved so you can always deal with the decision makers.

Our Clients

Most of our clients are in the Small to Medium Business range (5 – 50 users), however, we also work with larger enterprises.

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Ashmore, QLD, 4214
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What does getting IT support right mean to Biz2Biz IT?

Among countless reasons for choosing us:

  • Affordable support from consultants who are professional, courteous, and reliable.
  • Providing a tailored solution that fits your business.
  • We are not a one size fits all business!
  • Delivering fast, efficient service.


Success for Biz2Biz IT is not profiting from the failures in your IT environment.

Success for Biz2Biz IT is preventing computer problems from escalating into unexpected downtime,

lost data, interruptions in business, and financial loss.

We think it’s simple: if WE are successful, YOU are successful.